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What is the process for getting braces?

Monday, December 2nd, 2019



Congratulations for taking the first step in changing your smile!

We often get asked how soon treatment can start and what the steps in the process so here is a guide that should help answer any initial questions:

  1. Free consultation (optional)

You may find it helpful to visit the practice for a complimentary consultation initially. This is usually with the Treatment Coordinator. The Treatment Coordinator will sit down with you and find out more about what you are hoping to achieve. They will also be able to show you the different types of braces and talk you through how they work. You will also be able to see some before and after photos. As the Treatment Coordinator is not a dentist, this appointment will not involve any checking of your teeth or clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.


  1. Full Orthodontic Assessment

This appointment is with the Specialist Orthodontist and is a much longer appointment. The Specialist Orthodontist will check the health of your teeth and gums, take full records including photos and a large scan x-ray. They will then sit with you to explain the diagnosis and treatment recommendations and where possible provide a treatment plan. They will also be able to give you an idea of the estimated length of time your treatment is expected to take.


  1. Paperwork appointment

You will be given time to decide which is the best treatment option for you. When you are ready and we have discussed how you wish to fund your treatment, a paperwork appointment will be arranged with our Treatment Coordinator. Dr Hirani will prepare a detailed consent form outlining all aspects of your treatment. We will then sit down with you to go through this and answer any questions you may have. When we are certain you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to sign your consent form and other paperwork to get started with your treatment.


  1. Records or brace fit appointment

Depending on the type of brace you choose, the next step will vary:

  1. a) For braces such as Invisalign, these are customised and full digital records will need to be taken before we can proceed with the paperwork appointment (ask a member of the SmileLux team for more information)
  2. b) Lingual braces are also customised and it is at this stage that the digital records would need to be taken which are sent to the laboratory for manufacture. They usually take around 8 weeks to be made.
  3. c) With ceramic or metal braces, treatment can usually begin as soon as there is a mutually suitable appointment after the paperwork has all been signed and finances are in place.


If you would like any further information for the process or have any other questions at all, please contact a member of the SmileLux team on 01908 398068. Our Orthodontist in Milton Keynes, Dr Sunil Hirani is trained to Hospital Consultant level as a Specialist Orthodontist.

Dr Sunil Hirani passes WSLO exam (World Society of Lingual Orthodontics)

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Dr Sunil Hirani passing WSLO exam July 2019 photo

Huge congratulations to our specialist orthodontist Dr Sunil Hirani for recently passing his World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO) exam.

Dr Hirani has been busy preparing for this prestigious qualification. The majority of specialists sitting the examination have practised lingual orthodontics for a minimum of 10 years.

We are extremely proud that Dr Hirani has achieved this accreditation.  He is currently the only consultant-trained specialist orthodontist in the UK to hold this qualification. An expert panel of lingual examiners from around the world assessed his cases, considering difficulty, standard of records, treatment planning skills, efficiency of treatment, outcome, cephalometric tracings and post-treatment stability. As of 2019, only 246 individuals have passed this exam worldwide so it’s a huge achievement.

The examination took place at the 8th WSLO Congress in Barcelona, Spain.  Dr Hirani was also an invited speaker and gave a presentation on Lingual lever arm mechanics and the current evidence.  This was extremely well received.

Lingual braces are braces that are fixed to the back of your teeth so they are very discreet and almost invisible.  We are very fortunate that we are able to offer this treatment to our patients here at SmileLux under the skilled and expert guidance of Dr Hirani. Dr Hirani is also the chairman of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society (BLOS).

If you would like to find out more about lingual brace treatment please contact SmileLux on 01908 398068.

Braces vs Veneers

Monday, July 1st, 2019

fun-at-the-dentist-1239451-1279x959 - FREEIMAGES.COM cropped image 3

We often hear people say that they are considering veneers or braces to straighten their teeth. Veneers and crowns are often the only solution if a tooth is broken or unattractive in appearance. Veneers should not be used to improve the position of the teeth when they are healthy and strong.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Like a false nail, a veneer is a thin porcelain cover that is bonded to the front of a tooth.
  • Having veneers means the tooth has to be filed down (or drilled). This often needs to be by a substantial amount if a tooth is quite far forward in the arch. This filing is irreversible, once the enamel is gone it is not possible to put it back again.
  • Whenever a tooth is filed down it means that the life of the tooth is reduced. Eventually the tooth may need more extensive treatment like a crown or even extraction and replacement with a bridge or dental implant.
  • Veneers are not for life, after around 10-15 years they may need replacing. This means further fees and further destruction to your teeth.
  • Veneered teeth can be more sensitive to hot and cold due to having large amounts of the enamel that protects them being removed.
  • Veneers can appear “fake” looking in comparison to real teeth.
  • It is not possible to whiten your teeth without having the veneers replaced. This is because whitening agent does not affect the colour of the veneer. You would need to whiten the teeth and get them to the desired shade and then have a new veneer made to match.

Braces move your natural teeth without causing any harm. You will only need to have the treatment once (providing retainers are worn).

People claim that veneers are “instant orthodontics”. Often people are not told the implications of this type of treatment and find out when it is too late.

Braces do take time; the teeth have to be allowed time to move between adjustments. If the treatment is too fast, this can damage the roots of the teeth and mean that the teeth move back to their original positions much faster.

If you are considering veneers to straighten your smile, speak to your Dentist today about other less invasive and harmful options like orthodontic treatment.

Here at SmileLux Specialist Orthodontist in Milton Keynes, we have a range of traditional and discreet braces to straighten your teeth naturally. Contact a member of The SmileLux team today on 01908 398068 for more information.


Lovely result with ceramic braces

Monday, April 29th, 2019

Image for social media2

“From start to finish I have received fantastic treatment from all the team at SmileLux. I have always been conscious of my smile but thought I was too old now to do anything about it. I had no confidence, would never smile fully and put my hand over my mouth. Then SmileLux came into my world, I was talked through my treatment every step of the way. I was made very welcome, put at ease, I was never nervous, I had every confidence in Dr Hirani and trusted him completely. Saijel, Laura and Shivani were very professional, friendly and welcoming. The payment plan to help spread the cost of treatment is a bonus to patients and I think a deciding factor in a patient having the smile they want. I am very pleased with my results, in fact I was overwhelmed, I have my confidence back and won’t be standing at the back in photos no more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “

As a Specialist Orthodontic Centre, we often have to work with a team of other Specialists to achieve the very best clinical results. Janice has a beautiful new smile that she now feels proud of and no longer hides her mouth in social situations. If you are conscious of your teeth and wish to improve the appearance of your smile, contact us today on 01908 398068 for orthodontic treatment in Milton Keynes. 

Lovey result and closure of a large gap using Invisalign

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Image with watermark for social media2

” All my adult life I have disliked the large gap between my front teeth but was never in a position to afford treatment. When I smiled I preferred to keep my mouth closed.
At the age of 65 I decided to explore the possibility of braces and was referred to SmileLux where I was assured that I was not too old for treatment. Sunil spent time explaining the options to me and took into account my health and personal needs. I have been very happy with the Invisalign braces he recommended.
Now, at the end of my treatment, I am very happy and proud of my smile with no gap! Sunil and his lovely staff treated me as a friend and I was always welcomed into their modern, relaxing and attractive surroundings very warmly. I will miss visiting them.” 

If, like Elizabeth, you are conscious of a large gap and would like to look at the options available to close the space, the natural way, call SmileLux in Milton Keynes on 01908 398068.We offer a free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator for you to come and find out more about the discreet options we have available to transform your smile.

A transformed smile with ceramic braces

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

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“Exceptional service from initial enquiry through to the last appointment. Every member of the team has been incredibly warm and welcoming and there is a lovely calm atmosphere at SmileLux”
” I didn’t even realise that the steps to changing my teeth and smile would become so life changing. Dr Hirani ensured I was informed and comfortable every step of the way and although the process took some time (due to how problematic my teeth were to start with) it was absolutely worth it! Everyone involved from the initial enquiry right through to having my braces removed have been highly professional, informative and reassuring. I cannot recommend Dr Hirani and SmileLux highly enough- they have helped me achieve what I thought was an impossible task and exceeded my expectations along the way! Thank you!”

Lovely result with a lower fixed brace

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Image for social media1

Excellent, easy treatment that was completed on time with no problems, staff and dentists were all very friendly and welcoming I’m very glad I chose SmileLux for my teeth, would highly recommend!

If you are looking to have orthodontic treatment in Milton Keynes, contact a member of the SmileLux team today on 01908 398068. We change peoples lives by transforming smiles on a daily basis and achieve amazing results like this.


Anterior open bite: Ceramic (white) braces for adults

Monday, May 29th, 2017

before and after

“From the very first meeting with Sunil and his team it changed my perception on Dentists and Orthodontists after previously experiencing some painful and unpleasant appointments!
Before my treatment started I was conscious of my teeth and always had to worry which side was my ‘best side’ for photos. After 6 months and significant changes to my smile I was already more confident to smile, even with my brace!
My treatment was not just to improve my smile but also my bite so that eating was less of a challenge, I am so very pleased with what Sunil and his team have achieved and I am confident to smile again.
Throughout my treatment I always felt like I was their only patient which is a credit to the whole team so thank you.”

Metal braces: Adult orthodontics

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Before and After

“The experience over the past twelve months has been great and the whole team at SmileLux are just fantastic. They are extremely helpful, friendly and very accommodating. Throughout the whole of my treatment, I have felt completely at ease and this is because of the professional approach and patient care of the team at SmileLux.
As far as the results are concerned, I couldn’t be happier and think they look fabulous. If you are looking for an attentive and considerate practice to deliver a lovely smile, coupled with a great experience then I would definitely recommend SmileLux.”

Incognito Lite braces: Discreet braces for adults

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Before And After with watermark (Ingocnito Lite) 2

“I first approached Dr Hirani and the SmileLux team under a year ago as I felt my teeth were becoming overcrowded. One of my bottom teeth was protruding forward and I was worried the top teeth were about to do the same.
After an initial consultation, we decided to opt for the Incognito-Lite brace as this would fit in with my lifestyle and habits (lots of public speaking, meetings and snacking throughout the day). Invisalign wasn’t the best option for me given this and I felt Dr Hirani gave me the means to form a well-informed decision.
I felt at ease straight away with the whole process. The team are always very friendly and professional – remembering your treatment and asking you how you’re finding it. The practice itself is immaculate and very calming. You’re called 24 hours before an appointment as a reminder which is really handy.
I breezed through Incognito and found my life wasn’t disrupted in any way – nobody knew I was wearing braces! It only took 9 months and I am extremely impressed with the final result. I can’t stop smiling and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the SmileLux team to anyone in the slightest – thanks guys!”