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Wonderful result with ceramic braces and dental implants

Monday, September 9th, 2019

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Our lovely patient Chanel was delighted with the transformation of her smile for her wedding. We used ceramic braces to realign her teeth and make space for two dental implants.

Often braces are used for function and not just cosmetic reasons, like in Chanel’s case. She now has a proper bite and is able to enjoy everyday life showing off her lovely new smile. Although we are an orthodontic practice, we can work with general dentists or restorative specialists to ensure the very best clinical result possible. Braces on their own are not always enough to improve a smile in the best possible way and a team of expertise is required.

If you are looking at getting the very best clinical result for your smile and have missing teeth, braces could be used to either close gaps or create more space for restorative treatments such as crown and bridgework or dental implants

Contact us to find out more about how we can help. Our Orthodontic Practice in Milton Keynes specialises in all different types of cases, from the most simple to the most complex. Nothing is too much trouble for us to fix!


Fantastic new smile for our patient using an upper sectional ceramic brace!

Monday, May 6th, 2019

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“To the beautiful SmileLux team,
Thank you for making me smile again :-)
It has been a wonderful experience throughout and I will definitely be recommending you to anybody looking to improve their smile.
I wish you all the best!!

If a case is very mild, often we can treat with a sectional brace which is placed on the front 6-8 teeth only. This is usually suitable for patients who have had braces in the past and have noticed some movement of the teeth since. If, like Carly, you would like to explore all the options to transform your smile quickly and with a smaller budget, please contact SmileLux in Milton Keynes today on 01908 398068.

A transformed smile with ceramic braces

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

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“Exceptional service from initial enquiry through to the last appointment. Every member of the team has been incredibly warm and welcoming and there is a lovely calm atmosphere at SmileLux”
” I didn’t even realise that the steps to changing my teeth and smile would become so life changing. Dr Hirani ensured I was informed and comfortable every step of the way and although the process took some time (due to how problematic my teeth were to start with) it was absolutely worth it! Everyone involved from the initial enquiry right through to having my braces removed have been highly professional, informative and reassuring. I cannot recommend Dr Hirani and SmileLux highly enough- they have helped me achieve what I thought was an impossible task and exceeded my expectations along the way! Thank you!”

Ceramic braces: Adult orthodontics in Milton Keynes

Monday, June 12th, 2017

Before and After

“I have been a patient with SmileLux for 3 years and am so happy with the results. I had been conscious of my teeth since a primary school portrait photo and still felt very aware of them at work & in photographs.
My treatment has been a long process however now finished it was so worthwhile – why didn’t I go ahead years ago??!
It didn’t take me long to get used to them & I actually felt more confident with the brace on in front of colleagues than before with my irregular teeth. So many people either had a brace when younger or want a brace now & I know everyone’s brace stories!
The team were excellent, good fun, friendly and professional. At every appointment I felt comfortable and really relaxed.
I looked forward to my visits to move onto the next stages and seeing the improvement in my teeth was exciting as progress was relatively quick.
My treatment was sometimes complex but Dr Hirani always went above and beyond to get my great results. I cannot thank the full team enough for all they have done.
I would highly recommend SmileLux to anyone considering orthodontic treatment, hygienist appointments or teeth whitening.
Thank you all! x”

Ceramic braces: Missing teeth (lateral incisors)

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Before and After

“Before my treatment began in 2013 I had real issues with the way my teeth looked. I was extremely self conscious when speaking to people and laughing and I found it very difficult to smile when getting my photograph taken.

Dr Hirani and the SmileLux team were so understanding when hearing about my case, nothing was ever too much trouble and they would always go above and beyond to make me feel at ease.

My particular case was a very long and difficult process having my braces on for over 3 years but it was all worth it as the end result has exceeded all expectation. I cannot thank the team enough for all of their hard work and patience with me throughout the treatment. They have given me the smile and confidence I have always wanted and I could not recommend them enough if you are looking for an outstanding dental practice.”

Ceramic (white) brace for adults: Before and after

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Before and After - POSTED

“From the moment I arrived at SmileLux it has been a positive and pleasant experience I was very unhappy with my teeth in several ways including, size, shape, colour and arrangement. The team made me feel comfortable when talking about the treatment. Throughout my experience, everyone at SmileLux has been friendly and helpful with a few hiccups, including a broken tooth due to an old filling. Dr Hirani helped when I couldn’t get in at my own surgery. Now just over 2 years later I am very happy with the outcome, and my confidence is growing.

I would like to thank everyone at SmileLux. And I will always recommend you.

Thanks again.”


Ceramic braces-“The whole team are polite, professional, courteous, personable and interested in me as a person”

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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I chose to have treatment on my teeth due to the difficulty in cleaning them, my age and I did not want to have health issues in my older years. At the same time I was obviously hoping to enhance my smile and confidence. Paying for the treatment was a significant change in my life.

Throughout the process Dr Hirani and the team at SmileLux kept me informed of expected treatment to be carried out, timescales, length of appointments giving an excellent customer service.

The whole team are polite, professional, courteous , personable and interested in me as a person. They gave me confidence at low and difficult times to “hang in” and keep on with the treatment, holding my hand through the whole journey.

On completion of the work, I am delighted with the results, I am talking better and very happy with the results. Dr Hirani has extreme clinical skills, which I tested on occasions , nothing phased his expertise and skills.

Thank you!!

Great result with ceramic braces: “Every requirement I had was met with professionalism and courtesy”

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Before and After ceramic braces orthodontics

When I first met Dr Hirani, I felt that from our first meeting he fully understood what my issues with my teeth were. He handled this sensitively, professionally and discussed and managed my expectations throughout.

At every visit, I felt as if I was the only patient there that day and that was largely due to the friendly and warm welcome I received every visit from Laura and Saijel. It felt that they were as excited about the treatment as I was!

The practice itself is immaculate and fills you with confidence about the treatment you will receive. It really is second to none.

My requirements changed part way through my treatment when it became apparent that my dentist would be unable to extract my teeth. Dr Hirani was quickly able to re-evaluate the course of the treatment and this, and every other requirement I had was met with professionalism and courtesy.


Another Happy Patient Testimonial

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Before and after

“First impressions are very important and the welcoming I got when I first came to the practice was very welcoming with a warm atmosphere but still retaining that professional edge. Everyone at SmileLux is lovely and so easy to talk to. It’s almost as if I want to chat more instead of getting my braces tightened.

Dr Hirani is just superb and I don’t think the experience would be the same without him. I like him simply because he is a really nice guy, gives everything to you straight and is very good at what he does while maintaining VERY high standards.

I couldn’t think of a better place to come to have my braces and I couldn’t imagine my teeth to be as good as they are. 10/10!”

Read our latest testimonial

Monday, January 19th, 2015

After photo ceramic braces

“When I first arrived for treatment I felt very apprehensive. I was not very confident with my smile. The team at SmileLux were always very welcoming and were pleased to answer my questions. The members of the team who were always polite were Kerrie and Laura. I am very pleased with my new smile and I now cannot wait to smile.”