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How early should children see an Orthodontist?

Monday, July 8th, 2019


Children should be monitored as young as age 7 for future orthodontic treatment. Often actual treatment will not start until a child has all their adult teeth however early intervention can sometimes be recommended while the jaw is still growing. This can eliminate the need for more obtrusive treatment in adulthood such as jaw surgery.

Here are some early warning signs that your child should see an Orthodontist:

  1. Thumb/ finger sucking or prolonged use of a dummy
  2. Wonky teeth
  3. Sticking out teeth (known as an overjet)
  4. Deep bite (when the top teeth almost completely cover the bottom teeth when biting)
  5. Early or late loss of baby teeth
  6. Speech difficulties
  7. Problems with eating due to the bite
  8. Grinding or clenching of teeth
  9. Missing teeth
  10. Signs of tooth wear

If you are worried about your child’s teeth and feel they would benefit from seeing an Orthodontist in Milton Keynes, contact us today on 01908 398068 to find out more about how we can help.

What age should children visit an Orthodontist?

Monday, August 27th, 2018

There are many different reasons why it is important that children are reviewed for orthodontic treatment from a young age. Some Orthodontists recommend assessing a child at around the age of 7 when they will have lost a fair few baby teeth and the new adult teeth will be erupting.

Different factors can affect how the adult teeth erupt and this generally follows a pattern from where the baby teeth are. The position of teeth can be affected by habits such as using a dummy, sucking a thumb or finger, nail or pen biting and even pressing on the teeth regularly with the tongue. Constant pressure on teeth can cause them to move either forwards or backwards and can affect the shape of the palate.

It is beneficial to see an Orthodontist early in childhood as there may be appliances that can be used to help the jaw to grow naturally to reduce the need for jaw surgery in adulthood.

Some examples of bite problems to look out for in children are listed below:

Images with watermark

Children’s orthodontic treatment can often be carried out in phases. Phase 1 treatment us usually when some baby teeth are still present, to align the teeth and expand the arch ready for the permanent teeth to come through. The brace is then removed and phase 2 of treatment can start with fixed braces when the child enters their early teenage years.

Although orthodontic treatment can be carried out on people of all ages, the best time is always in childhood while the teeth and bone are still developing. If you are worried about the position of your child’s teeth, call the SmileLux team today on 01908 398068 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Our Specialist Orthodontist in Milton Keynes, Dr Sunil Hirani, will be able to assess the teeth and gums and take a large x-ray which will show all the teeth in the jaw and their positions. Dr Hirani is the most highly trained Specialist Orthodontist in this region and is trained to Hospital Consultant level.

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Monday, July 24th, 2017

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Teaching Oral Hygiene in Schools

Monday, June 5th, 2017

School visits 2017 thank you card - MK Prep

Lovely thank you card from MK Prep school who kindly invited us to speak to some of their pupils recently. We were delighted to speak to the younger 2 and 3 year olds in the nursery and also the older 7 year olds in Year 2.

We were excited to teach the children about the importance of good oral hygiene, healthy eating and visiting the dentist and orthodontist. Good habits start from a young age and at SmileLux we are always keen to promote this.

All the children were fantastic and left with a sticker and goody bag to take home!