The latest technology at SmileLux

At SmileLux, we are constantly learning new methods and techniques to achieve better results for you. We pride ourselves on investing in the latest technology to benefit the smiles of our patients. Our technology not only improves results, but the patient experience too.

Faster results with SureSmile

Combined with our state-of-the-art scanners, we use SureSmile technology to provide you with a bespoke series of archwires, made just for you.

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Remote treatment using Dental Monitoring

Here at SmileLux we combine AI with specialist treatment by using Dental Monitoring for all Invisalign® cases.

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Dental Monitoring

See what we see with the Intra-Oral Camera

With our cutting-edge Intra-Oral Camera, you can see your smile from all angles. This tiny probe-shaped camera can document your dental condition, aid us in treatment planning - and let you join in on the process!

Latest Technology

View your future smile with the 3Shape Trios Wireless Intraoral Scanner

The 3Shape Intraoral Scanner takes thousands of images of your teeth within seconds. These images will create an accurate 3D model of your smile, and allow us to design your treatment plan. You can even see what you smile will look like after treatment - before you begin.

Latest Technology

Get images instantly with our fully digital x-rays

Taking X-rays at SmileLux is quick, easy and safe. Our digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 80%, and deliver crisp images in the blink of an eye for fast, accurate diagnosis.

Images taken in our on-site Scanning Suite are sent straight to your personal screen - so you don’t have to wait for your X-rays. We also have the facility to take various types of X-rays including individual teeth, full mouth X-rays and a side view of your head used primarily for orthodontic treatment planning.

Latest Technology

Stay safe and healthy with our Sterilisation Suite

Providing you with a clean and safe environment is of paramount importance to us. We use the latest sterilisation techniques to clean all our instruments and equipment. We have a dedicated Sterilisation Suite designed to eliminate cross infection.

Latest Technology

Come see our technology in action

Book your free orthodontic consultation at SmileLux in Milton Keynes to see what our state-of-the-art technology can do for your smile.

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Latest Technology

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