SureSmile® digital technology helps us achieve faster, more accurate and efficient results for our patients. With 3D scans and smile simulations, we can plan tooth movements with greater precision than ever to achieve your desired smile.

How does SureSmile® work?

We will use our state-of-the-art digital scanner to create a 3D model of your smile. SureSmile technology will use this model to provide a series of archwires custom made for your exact smile goals.

SureSmile Advanced ® planning software allows your orthodontist to virtually plan your care before treatment even begins. Using the SureSmile digital simulation tools your orthodontist can create an optimised and completely personalised treatment prescription for you.

Based this plan, brace archwires are customised by a sophisticated robot especially for your teeth.

The benefit of using a computer simulated treatment plan vs traditional hand-bent wires is accuracy and therefore speed of treatment, SureSmile Advanced ® can reduce your treatment time by 30%!

The digital simulation allows your orthodontist to see how each arch wire will twist, turn, push, pull and extrude your teeth to enable them to perfect the result before they begin.

High quality results - with SureSmile precision, teeth move directly to their prescribed positions.

Fewer clinic visits - The SureSmile technology improves orthodontic efficiency and accuracy, for fewer clinic visits and less time in braces!


Types of SureSmile® braces

At SmileLux, we offer two extremely-accurate SureSmile® braces options. SureSmile® labial and SureSmile® lingual.

SureSmile® labial braces

SureSmile® labial braces look a bit like traditional metal braces. However, the archwires are not bent by hand. Instead, they are custom shaped using cutting-edge robotic technology. This machine accuracy means you’ll see faster, more accurate results in your braces treatment.

SureSmile® lingual braces

If you’re looking for the same amazing accuracy - with added discretion - then SureSmile® lingual braces are your ticket. The brackets are fitted to the backside of your teeth, so they won’t be visible. We can accurately move your teeth into alignment - without anyone being the wiser.


Ready for fast, accurate results?

Find out if you are a good candidate for SureSmile® labial or lingual braces at your free orthodontic consultation. Our Milton Keynes practice is accepting new patients of all ages.

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